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Waterfront Real Estate Trends

Eric Slifkin

Eric Slifkin, a licensed real estate professional since 2003, is the founder of the Slifkin Team at Keller Williams Realty...

Eric Slifkin, a licensed real estate professional since 2003, is the founder of the Slifkin Team at Keller Williams Realty...

Feb 27 3 minutes read

Florida Waterfront Properties Poised for Growth

I've been in Florida Real Estate since 2003. Over the years, although there are always exceptions, two things have proven to be consistent and dependable: 

1. Real Estate, with its leverage and tax advantages, has proven to be the foundation for most families' wealth and security. 

2. Trying to time a real estate purchase to current market conditions has not proven to be an advantage.

Why Timing the Waterfront Real Estate Market Doesn't Work

Timing the real estate market should be relevant only if the objective is to flip. When a buyer is purchasing a property for the quality of life as well as longer term considerations, making decisions based on current market timing does not work to their advantage.

This is especially true when it comes to quality waterfront properties, which are very limited and in demand by an upscale clientele that can afford the premium they command. Although waterfront properties, like every other property, are subject to temporary declines and stagnation, their recoveries and spikes are quicker and much more substantial.

Waterfront Opportunities in South Florida: Martin County

For these reasons Martin County, Florida waterfront property is gaining momentum and positioned for a major spike. Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties to the south have already appreciated to a level that makes their northern Martin County neighbor next up for a spike in values, especially with the new tax regulations having sparked a significant migration of population from tax heavy northeastern states with South Florida as a major benefactor.

Regardless of the economy, the upscale market that can afford waterfront property is the least affected by financial considerations. They are in a position to pay for what they want as well as an affluent senior population that continues to make Florida a major destination for retirement.

Other Considerations

In purchasing a home the style and condition of a property can be addressed with decorating and renovating but location cannot. Docking your boat in the backyard, walking across the street to the beach, or sipping a drink while viewing a magnificent Florida sunset is priceless.

Some of the most desirable and least available inventory for waterfront property is a location where you have both a wide water view, a dock in your backyard and a short walk to the beach.

Featured Property

This renovated contemporary modern home is sited in a gated community on a private peninsula off Ocean Drive that has the only private beach gazebo and is under market value at less than $2,000,000.  Don't wait until you cry: I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT THEN. 

Property Details

4040 NE Joe's Point
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